One of Nordlands cultural treasures

Tranøy lighthouse was lit for the first time in 1864 and preserved for posterity as it was after the last expansion 75 years ago.
In nature’s magnificent setting, where the sea meets the sky far out there, where the Lofoten wall with their spikes and pointy Hamarøy mountains rise out of the sea, this well-preserved gem is found.

A small community of four houses, a home to family and children, a barn for livestock and in summer 300 breeding pairs of seabirds.

In 1993 the Tranøy site opened for tourism, with accommodation in the houses and a pleasant cafe in the boathouse.

Here in the sea air mixed with seaweed, you can take in the past, feel the lighthouse atmosphere and enjoy a blessed moment of freedom. Observe the local birds while the sun dances across the Lofoten in the midnight sun.

Inger and Villy welcome everybody to Tranøy Lighthouse.