Tranøy Fyr Maritime Hotel



The families living on Tranøy Fyr made a good extra income by collecting Eiderdown. From this they made down blankets.

Until 1936 about 300 breeding pairs of Eiders were present on Tranøy Fyr, but all left because of the noise during the build of the new Lighthouse.

Eiders nest on the land in April and May, lay 4 – 6 eggs and incubate them for 25 – 28 days. During breeding they don’t eat at all and lose approximately a third of their body weight. One nest yields appr. 15 grams of down, so 50 to 70 nests are needed to make one down blanket.

in the summer of 2010 12 Eiders nested on the island. It was fantastic to see these beautiful birds. It’s a joy to see the female come ashore with a string of ducklings after taking a bath in the small pools near the cafe. This was the inspiration to improve the situation and to get more birds by building an Eiderhouse.

The Eiders are on the island from about May 15th until July 5th.


Arctic Terns

The Arctic Terns (disappeared in many regions of Norway) are a real attraction for our guests. These feisty little birds protecting their nests and young are the source of much laughter and amusement.

Arctic Terns weigh 100 grams, live 34 years and fly further then any other bird. Every year our birds fly 70.000 kilometers, in the course of their lives this accumulates to a distance of 60 times around the earth, or three round trips to the moon!


Sea Eagles

Sea Eagles with a wingspan of up to 240 cm are often seen on the southerly rocks, in contrast to the skies. Sea Eagles grow to between 87 and 100 cm in length and live up to 50 years. They lay two to three eggs in April to May and incubate for 35 – 45 days. In Nordland 20% of the world population of Sea Eagles is found.


The surroundings of the lighthouse are very favorable and many birds are found feeding.


Tranøy Fyr is by law bird-friendly, the bird life proves to be a favorite photo subject.

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